Leather Library Chairs

Finding the perfect library chair is not always easy, and by library I mean family room, master bedroom, home theater and game room. Anywhere really, where a comfortable and stylish chair that can withstand heavy use will be located.  Some chairs are too low, some the seat back slants too much forcing your head into an uncomfortable position for reading and others are too boring.  The chairs below have all been tested and are both comfortable and stylish and are deeply comfortable. They come in distressed leather that actually looks and feels old, in beautiful colors and even some patterns. You can get nail heads, luxury cushions with a solid foam core and down and feather inserts. They will last a life time.  With the addition of an ottoman these reading chairs work perfectly in a variety of settings.









Birch and Maple Veneer Add Interest to Rustic Contemporary Furnishings

Mayland Court has done a wonderful job in creating pieces that add definite interest to your living space. Natural Birch or Maple Bark Veneer adds interest to wood furniture and gives it a nice rustic yet contemporary look. You have options for finishes and there are 3 different veneers to chose from. What great pieces for a rural or mountain area or even an urban loft!







Halloween Decorations for 2012

I love the look of Department 56’s paper mache candy holders. They are based on designs from the 20’s and I find them scarily charming. In fact, I’ve actually had compliments on them from various trick or treaters. Here are some photos of the collection as well as some great new pieces from a site I found called, www.christmastraditions.com. They have quite  few folk artists who make some wonderfully creepy Halloween Decorations.

The Vintage room of Halloween Decorations at www.christmastraditions.com

Johanna Parker candy bowl, available at www.christmastraditions.com

Department 56 vintage black cat paper mache candy holder
A great paper mache Halloween candy holder

Antler Decor

As fall approaches you naturally turn to colder weather items for home decor and in the north that means hunting season and antlers. A pair of antlers over a console table in an entry or a white resin stag head on boldly striped wallpaper can evoke all kinds of associations that feed our need for tradition and a modern sensibility. Check out these examples of a modern take on antlers.





Imiso Ceramics from South Africa

I love the ceramics from Imiso. They manage to be both colorful and sophisticated  at the same time and in the best possible way, which is not something easily accomplished. Their  product range includes both bold and colorful pieces as well as white pieces with geometric in smaller shots of colors.










The Library in Winter

Is cozy what your’re looking for in winter? A great chair, a warm throw, a good library lamp and a beautiful rug.

Golden Light- Lamps With A Great Sheen